HoIP Telecom

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Security and public safety are areas where M2M communications have been broadly adopted by a wide range of organisations in both private and the public and sectors. The technology provides the communications necessary to manage an ever-increasing range of devices, cameras and alarms, providing both security to facilities and safety to large crowds and lone workers.

HoIP Telecom provides connectivity to many organisations, enabling them to remotely monitor and manage security and access to a wide range of facilities from stadiums to remote power generators and pump stations.

A less obvious, but rapidly growing sector within M2M is the provision of a 'panic button' to lone workers. HoIP Telecom works with service providers in this sector, providing the connectivity necessary for lone workers to gain immediate communications back to HQ in areas where their phone may not work.

HoIP Telecom also provides M2M connectivity to organisations responsible for public safety. Many security companies use an electronic real-time patrol information and communication system with our guards on site.


We work with many providers of these kind of services. Please contact us for more information.