HoIP Telecom

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HoIP Telecom Limited is committed to quality and to the processes, measurement and continuous improvement which are the foundations of quality management. Quality means providing our customers and business partners with innovative services, products and support that meet or exceed their expectations.

We ensure that all our employees understand our Quality Policy, and Procedures, and that these are implemented and maintained at all times. Everyone within the organization is responsible for the quality of their work and the assurance of quality is fundamental to all the work undertaken by HoIP Telecom.

To ensure that we do not overlook anything and that we are constantly aware of new requirements, the quality system is periodically and systematically reviewed by management, during which, in addition to general and Customer specific matters, the following areas are addressed:

  1. The Company's quality policy, objectives and goals are reviewed to determine whether they remain relevant to Customer requirements in today's changing technologies;
  2. The overall operation of the Company's quality administration systems to determine their continuing suitability and effectiveness in monitoring the service that we provide;
  3. That the staff has the freedom to provide a quality service and that no unnecessary barriers are raised to prevent that from happening;
  4. The latest quality audit results;
  5. Customer complaints and non--ā€conformances, in particular where they are caused by a deficiency in the Company's quality administration systems;
  6. The implementation and effectiveness of corrective and preventative actions taken, and that feedback on corrective actions are disseminated to staff in order to educate and facilitate continual improvement;
  7. Supplier performance, including any required actions resulting from unsatisfactory consultant performance;
  8. That the company has allocated resources to the staff training requirements, and that staff are being trained.

HoIP Telecom and its staff are committed to providing the best possible services and products to meet your needs, requirements and budgets. If you, the Customer, are not completely satisfied with the way that products are supplied or services delivered, then we will ensure that we do all in our power to rectify that situation and deliver to your expectation.

Working for you, working with you, we aim to provide the very best in products, services and support.