HoIP Telecom

    UK's best National Roaming Network Coverage


We communicate and act honestly in all our dealings. We earn the trust of our colleagues, customers, business partners and shareholders by building lasting relationships.

We guard confidences to the highest professional standards.


Our commitment to innovation drives our entrepreneurial spirit. We welcome questions and challenges and are always ready to learn and to improve. We embrace change and are willing to alter our mind-set for greater mutual business benefit.


We display confidence and assertiveness - but without arrogance - delivering solutions, not problems. We partner with some of the very best global enterprises. We respect, protect and value our business and that of our partners


We respect the individual and value the diversity, differences and unique contributions of every person in our organization. Our respect for each other, our customers and our partners is reflected in their trust in our service.


Our symbiotic business partnerships and our user-friendly products and services demonstrate unrivaled clarity and honesty in our business dealings. Although we provide technically complex services, we present these to the market with openness and clarity enabling commonsense choices to be made.


Our ideas and actions are pioneering, adventurous and fearless. Our team is fulled by a collective self-belief and a desire to push boundaries. We think outside the box.


We deliver cost-effective and unrivaled services to the market. We deliver on what we promise, robust services based on leading-edge technology balanced with business acumen.

We respond quickly and professionally to our customers and partners, without hierarchy and bureaucracy, to ensure quality engagements.

Corporate Responsibility

HoIP Telecom is committed to behaving ethically, to contributing to economic development and to improving the quality of life of our employees, our customers and the communities we serve.

We will align our values and behaviors with the expectations and needs of our customers, investors, employees, suppliers, communities, regulators, and society as a whole.

Our management team will be measured by what the company does, not just in terms of the quality of our products and services and in our financial results, but  also in terms of our impact on the environment and on local communities, and in how we treat and develop our workforce.

We will set aside a budget for participation in social responsible activities and encourage our partners to join us in there