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November 29, 2014
PEBBELL - TSA Conference a great success (UK)

However there was one very positive sign of real coming change: an increasing number of companies with retail offerings, both new organisations and established organisations increasingly recognising the importance of making retail offerings. In no particular order these included Here and There, offering a very competitively priced retail alternative to the more institutionally-focused Just Checking, Cair’s range of really attractive pendants (with more stigma-free products on the way I’m told), protelhealth who can now provide telehealth or telecare, privately funded, anywhere in the UK using Orbis’s assisted living services, telmenow, offering “the widest range of technology-enabled health and care products and services available”, monitorGO a personal alarm service using ordinary smartphones, Amano technologies offering assistive technology for many situations, Pebbell personalised E-fobs aimed at children that parents want to keep track of and Navigil watches which combine mobile telephony with GPS tracking and an excellent battery life (disclosure: this editor assisted Navigil in the UK in previous years on the understanding that when the product was commercialised appropriate reward would be offered; to date none has been offered). To that in the past few days can also be added Dr Morton’s, a medical helpline, and doubtless many others – it seems that the much-anticipated arrival of retail products aimed drectly at the ned-user (or their carers) is arriving at last. - See more at: http://telecareaware.com/tsa-conference-a-great-success-uk/#more-18574

November 20th, 2014

On behalf of everyone at HoIP Telecom, thank you for visiting our stand at the INTERNATIONAL TELECARE AND TELEHEALTH CONFERENCE at Celtic Manor Resort on 17-18 November 2014.

HoIP Telecom will be present on "The International Telecare & Telehealth Conference" taking place at Celtic Manor Resort, South Wales on the 17 – 18 November 2014

15th of October 2014

HoIP Telecom has signed distributor agreement to France with Geovie

30th of June 2014
Exclusive IProve lisence to India (excluding Gaming and Gampling)
HoIP Telecom has signed LOI for India aiming to close final Lisence Agreement before 1st of November 2014

4th of May 2014

Himalaya expedition group using HoIP Telecom freedom Prime All-Net SIM card has arrived safe to Tenzing-Hillary Airport, known as Lukla Airport,rated as the most dangerous airport in the world

January 22nd 2014,

First, outsite UK, partners for our EU Multi-Net SIM services has started in Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Austria amd Belgium

January 20th 2014, HoIP Telecom Ecosystem

We wish to all our Customers and Partners a Successful New Year 2014