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March 20, 2018
Pebbell 2 GPS Tracker & SOS Alarm Description

Wandering can happen at almost any stage of dementia when the individual still has a reasonable level of mobility and is affected by many different factors. Some of the best documented are Stress, fear, loud noises, a lack of comprehension, searching, boredom, basic needs and the following of routines such as going to work, to the store, walking the dog or visiting a friend.

Using a tracker may increase an individual's quality of life by allowing them to remain independent for a longer period of time and may provide, much needed, reassurance to carers and family members alike.

The Pebbell trackers allow the individual with dementia to have access to help when they need it most. The Pebbell range was designed to be used by local authorities and care organisations to help people who are at risk of getting lost or confused, enabling them to live independent lives.

The Pebbell 2 has these extra features:

The device is now waterproof, allowing your loved one to keep it on them in any environment, whether they're in the bathroom or outdoors on a rainy day.

It now also comes with a handy charging cradle, making it even easier to charge its battery.

If your loved one is out of GPS range, the Pebbell will send through a text message with its last-known location so you can see where they have been.

You can now also track the Pebbell's location in real-time on a tablet or PC, which is ideal if you are actively trying to find your loved one. https://www.atdementia.org.uk
March 19, 2018

Pebbell GPS SOS Tracker Device Completes Outdoor Road Test

Bristol based personal trainer and running coach for women over 40, Lesley Waldron, kindly road tested one of our Pebbell GPS SOS Tracker devices, across fields and down lanes.

What was your first impression of the Pebbell?

I really liked the size and the shape and it felt quite tactile, even though this is something that is used as a functional piece of kit. It’s quite attractive which gives it a ‘fashionable WOW' touch. I was curious about how it worked and the functions of little buttons on the side.

How easy was the Pebbell to set up and use? 

Simple to set up and charge. I took it out on several runs to get an idea about how it would feel carrying it. Easy to use and lightweight, the Pebbell was nice to have as extra personal security.

As a runner what did you like about the Pebbell?

I think it is good to run without your phone. Lots of my clients run with a mobile phone, usually to play music for motivation. I feel the Pebbell would be ideal for a beginner runner for added security, in case they needed to call someone, should an emergency arise. The device is small enough to wear/carry in your pocket or via the Velcro armband. It serves a similar purpose to a panic button that older people have for medical/emergency reasons.

What are your thoughts about whether other outdoor enthusiasts such as horse riders and mountain bikers would feel using a Pebbell?

When you use your mobile on a run or ride, to track your miles or to listen to music, you often run out of power. I think the Pebbell would be a useful tool to combat this.

In one sentence how would you sum up the Pebbell for someone who might be interested in getting one as an outdoor sports safety device?

It's a great way to support first time runners or first time out on the trails. I think it's a great device for them.

March 8, 2018

HoIP Telecom - PEBBELL  taking part at IWA & Outdoor Classics Expo

IWA & Outdoor Classics is a leading trade fair for the area of hunting and sporting guns, outdoor and accessories and will take place in Nuremberg. At the fair, many national and international exhibitors are showcasing their products and turn it into a multinational industry event. In addition to weapons and equipment for hunting and target shooting, the fair also offers a wide range of outdoor products.


The IWA & OutdoorClassics will take place on 4 days from Friday, 09. March to Monday, 12. March 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany

February 27, 2018
Buyers Guide Best GPS Tracker for Dogs
Looking for the Best GPS Tracker for Dogs?  Look no further.  Today’s GPS Devices are so intelligent and advanced they can find your pet anywhere.  Some you can even communicate through meaning the finder of your pet can quickly ring you to advise they have your pet and you can instantly locate them.  Investing in a GPS Tracker can quickly eradicate the stress and upset caused when your pet goes missing. More importantly tracker can help you possibly save your pet’s life.

While technology is always adapting and changing, the GPS Dog Collar Tracking Device products all have their own features that makes each of them different and unique.  The Pebbell GPS Tracker looks most promising.

Take a look below at our list of GPS Dog Collar Tracking Device products and reviews to help you choose for yourself.

Some of the trackers have a hefty price attached to them but here at Dog Leads and Harnesses we al;ways review the best affordable products on the web.READ FULL INDEPENDENT ARTICLE

  5. YEOZON ONE 3/5

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