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Our SIMs are perfect for the healthcare industry which has to comply with the highest safety standards as well as tight budget constraints. Designed with these types of mission critical applications in mind, our solution offers maximum resilience combined with custom tariff's plans and future-proofing to ensure the most cost-effective and reliable service at all times.

Machine to Machine connected telehealth devices are revolutionizing the healthcare industry and are expected to exceed 774 million by 2020. M2M telehealth devices powered by a reliable data, SMS and Voice service allow patient care, diagnostics, screenings, monitoring and tracking to be done remotely.

These e-health and mhealth devices and applications efficiently utilise time, resources and strict budgets while ensuring patient care and safety are maintained. A highly resilient, cost-effective data solution that has an expansive coverage offering is essential in order to ensure that all patients receive optimal care whether they’re being cared for in a hospital or through home health care.

Remote patient monitoring and tracking

Medical asset management/tracking

Healthcare workflow organization

M2M is increasingly playing a role in the provision of healthcare, enabling patients to remotely provide critical data to clinicians without needing to travel to healthcare facilities. This not only improves the life of the patient, but also enables clinicians to improve their efficiency.

HoIP Telecom works with telehealth provider to deliver this kind of healthcare to UK and also people around the world who are living with chronic illness.

Telehealth providers need not only reliable, secure device connectivity, but also no technical set up at the patient end, and a simple mechanism for ensuring that every device is sending data, SMS or even voice as expected, enabling rapid fault resolution when this occurs. 

Telehealth reduces both the cost of care and inconvenience to the patient, whilst enabling clinicians to be more productive. We are proud to be part of this revolution in healthcare, enabling patients to be home-based, but monitored on a day-to-day basis as if they were in hospital.

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