HoIP Telecom

    UK's best National Roaming Network Coverage

Energy and utility companies across Europe and the globe are adopting smart technologies. Whether driven by legislation or the desire to increase efficiencies, energy and utility companies are rolling out smart meters and smart grid products-

HoIP Telecom is supplying connectivity and connectivity management solutions to the energy and utilities market. HoIP Telecom's solutions ensure that critical infrastructure across all utilities can be measured, monitored & controlled.

Typical Drivers on Smart Products:

  • Drive efficiencies, reduce carbon footprint, and reduce energy bills
  • Measure, manage and control critical infrastructure
  • Meet business targets and legislative requirements
  • Enable local, community–based generation
  • Reduce wastage – from leaks to excess consumption

What we offer

Managed, secure, reliable and highly cost effective connectivity to smart metering devices and energy automation systems.

We enable organisations in the energy and utilities sector to have their own private connection management platform managing all connections, whoever the supplier. This can be customised and integrated with a customer’s own back-end management system

Multi-network M2M support from a single SIM, offering:

Ease and reduced costs of deployment - first visit meter installation success rate with HoIP Telecom roaming SIM is over 99% .

Remote devices can adapt to mobile network changes – if the network strength changes, the device will select a new network title.

Significantly improved battery life - selecting the best network can reduce the amount of time the device needs to be turned on 

Resilience in the field – the network used is selected by Strongest Signal ensuring quality of service

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