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Mr. Laento was formerly the President and CEO of SnV Partners, a leading venture capital firm based in Helsinki, Finland. Mr. Laento was an early investor in PayPal. Previously, Mr. Laento was the Senior Vice President of Corporate Venture Capital for Sonera Corporation.

He also served as the Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategic Sourcing and Intellectual Asset Management. Mr. Laento was a member of the Advisory Board for both the Noptek Fund and the TelAdvent Fund. Mr. Laento has published several books including, Intellectual Property Rights and Corporate Valuation, and he is a member of the prestigious IPR Roundtable. He monetized Neste Oy’s patent holdings in 1980 and is considered a pioneer in technology licensing.
An accomplished Olympiad, Mr. Laento has served as both President and board member for the Finnish Basketball Federation and as a member of the board of the National Olympic Committee. Mr. Laento is proficient in four languages, Finnish, Swedish, English and German. Mr. Laento has a Master of Laws degree, University of Helsinki. He also attended Helsinki Business School, Finnish Institute of Management, and Darden Business School, Virginia Univesity.