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Mr. Heiniö was formerly the Managing Director of Nordic Radio, owned by Wireless Group AB, one of Sweden’s largest independent dealers of radio communications systems.

In 1998, Mika Heiniö becomes Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Mirafon Oy where he had the responsibility for all day to day operations. With close 100 employees the company was specializing contact center communication software solutions and as successful result Elisa, the largest telecom operator in Finland, acquired the company in June 2000.

In July 2000 Mr. Heiniö was asked and appointed as Chief Commercial Officer for Arbonaut where his responsibility was to build product portfolio around the company unique assets on mobile technology, locations based services and to commercialize it.  With significant results achieved Arbonaut was awarded 2002 the EUROLEADER Award from EBN and British Telecom as the most innovative small enterprise in Europe among 900 contestants.


In May 2003, Mr. Heiniö was asked and appointed Chief Commercial Officer for Tracker where his responsibility was to re-shape and commercialize company’s location based products. 

In Augus 2005, Mr. Heiniö becomes Co-founder and Managing Director of Geowell.  Geowell was a Joint Venture company, where one of the main owners was Virbac (France) 7th largest independent worldwide animal  laboratory.  Company was specialized developing service-, monitoring- and location platforms, dedicated for animal health and the company products and services where commercialized by Virbac. 

In 2007 Mr. Heiniö co-founded HoIP CIC (Healthcare over Internet Protocol) a community interest company promoting an alliance of academia, industry, policy makers and consumers to develop an open framework for interoperable health services. 

Mr. Heiniö is proficient in four languages; English, German, Finnish and Swedish

Email: heinio.mika(a)hoip-telecom.co.uk