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An ideal solution if you are going to be using the Pebbell v1, Pebbell v2 or Pebbell v3 to track a family member, for skiing, for outdoors, for trekking, for sailing, for biking, for running, for lone worker or leaflet/marketing distributor......

Using the PEBBELL armband case will position the tracker in the postion to give the best most accurate track.

Please note- GPS tracker not included

Bright yellow ARM band for carrying PEBBELL in safe. Easy handling with Velcro. The band is simply placed around the arm and locked in the appropriate position. So the device is clearly visible in your arm. The length is the entire length of the band. The Velcro overlaps about 10 cm.

Width: 7 cm

Available lengths: 45 - 50 - 55 - 60 - 65 cm

Size example:

If your Arm has circumference of 37 cm, you must have Gr. 45.The strap can then be adjusted from 35 cm to about 42 cm. The 3 cm should be planned to overlap the Velcro.

Please note- GPS tracker not included

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