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TAG - Where Are You?

TAG-WAY is a GPS locator that finds everything you care about – when you need to.

With TAG-WAY you can locate people, pets and things by using the mobile app. The small wearable device is amazingly easy to start using. Thanks to its unbeatable battery life and foolproof data security, it is also reliable and smart.

TAG-WAY is the most simple wearable locator in the world. Download the TAG-WAY app, active the locator with your smartphone, choose a name for your TAG-WAY device, and locate. Simple!

TAG-WAY is reliable and durable. The small locator can be attached anywhere. TAG-WAY is also waterproof.

TAG-WAY is ready to use straight from the package. Pairing with your smartphone takes a few seconds. Registrations and passwords are not needed.

TAG-WAY’s battery life is unbeatable. In normal daily use its battery should last for a week. The secret is that TAG-WAY sleeps most of time and checks regularly from the cloud service if the smartphone user needs its exact location.

TAG-WAY is small (8,5 cm, 46 g), waterproof and hit resistant. It has no buttons, so it cannot be switched off by mistake!