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Example of use in your Home: Detector is activated by smoke and temperature caused by fire. Internal detector siren sounds and at the same time, the ICE phone informs the user about Fire alarm by SMS, call or SMS+Call together.

Smoke Toolkit is a comprehensive fire detection kit for your home. The product Toolkit includes ICE Phone (GSM) as well as the Fire and Smoke Detector (JA-80S).

JA-80S smoke detector offers greater protection than a normal smoke detector as it raises both local alarm to warm the user and a remote alert call or SMS. Installing this wireless smoke detector is a simple method of providing a monitored fire detection system in the home and here is how it works:

Detector recognizes the presence of fire inside a building. It reacts to visible smoke or when a critical temperature in the room is exceeded. It contains a built-in local warning siren. It is typically mounted on ceiling in a room or hall. Operational range of detector is at least 100m in free space. Detector is powered by battery with typical lifetime of 3 years. Detector complies with EU Directives 98/34/ES and 98/48/ES stating the obligation to mount fire detectors in new buildings.

Step One: Install the Fire and Smoke Detector (JA-80S) in the desired area of your home

Step Two: Add up to five different predefined numbers into your ICE phone. These numbers can range from a Care service, security company to neighbors to the local fire department.

Step Three: When the Smoke Detector detects the smoke, the ICE Phone immediately contacts your predefined contacts to alert them about the fire. Of course you get the message as well on your own mobile phone via a text or phone call.

Do not wait until the fire starts. Peace of mind -make the affordable investment today and you can be prepared in advance to save your home and property! Product Leaflet

World leading technology

Designed and manufactured at Jablocom's ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical), certified facilities means that the equipment supplied is the best available.

Affordable - “If you think safety is expensive, try an accident”

Smoke Toolkit
ICE phone + 1 Smoke detector
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Smoke Toolkit 2
ICE phone + 2 Smoke detectors

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Sales Package Content

ICE phone Features

  • Large LCD-display Easy-to-use big buttons
  • Easy to operate for anybody
  • Help call and SMS message functionality
  • Emergency call to up to 5 contact numbers
  • Loudspeaker mode
  • Possibility to connect up to 10 wireless detectors and unlimited number of relays
  • A standard mobile phone operating on any GSM network in the shape of desktop phone
  • A low-cost solution for home and personal security
  • Plug and play sensors and alarms to help protect people and assets

Compatible Accessories

  • Personal Help! Button RC-87,
  • Wall button RC-88
  • Wireless doorbell buttonRC-89
  • Smoke detector JA-80S,
  • Door (window) opening detector JA-81M
  • Smart socket AC-88
  • Wireless relay AC-82,
  • Wireless relay UC-82,
  • Thermostat TP-83
  • Gas leak detector JA-80G.



  • Dimensions 230x220x100 mm, 920 g
  • Display Illuminated graphical LCD, resolution: 132 x 65 dots, 82 x 40 mm
  • Contacts 500 names with up to 1000 numbers
  • SMS text memory 32 kB memory for SMS storage (124 received messages + 50 sent messages + 100 on SIM memory capacity)
  • Call history Memory for 100 records: history of missed, outgoing and incoming calls
  • Ringing melodies 20 unique melodies 
  • Built-in “QWERTY” keypad
  • Speed dialing 6 memory keys (up to 12 numbers), table for notes
  • Hands free calling
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Operating temperature -10°C to +55°C; 25 to 75% humidity AC power adaptor 100 – 240V AC / 50 to 60 Hz; 6V/2A DC
  • Back up battery Li-Pol, 1300mAh
  • GSM system 850/900/1800/1900 MHz quad-band
  • RF module Jablotron TRX-25, RF frequency 868 MHz
  • Audio parameters
  • Echo cancellation,Noise reduction, HR, FR, EFR and AMR audio codec
  •  Language Multilanguage support
  • Complies with Health and safety: EN 60950, class II, EN 50385:2002 EMC: ETSI EN 301 489-1; ETSI EN 301 489-7
    • Radio parameters: ETSI EN 301 419-1, EN 301 511 v 9.0.2
    • Radio equipment: class 1

Smoke Detector JA-80S

The JA-80S is designed to detect the presence of fire, reacting to visible smoke or exceeding a critical temperature inside residential buildings. The battery-powered detector communicates via radio and has abuilt-in warning siren It sends alarm thru ICE phone GSM Desktop Phone immediately calls or texts to predefined “rescue” numbers.

  • The detector combines an optical smoke sensor with a heat sensor.
    • Both sensors have their outgoing signals processed digitally, resulting in higher false alarm immunity.
  • The optical sensor works using a light diffusion principle and is very sensitive to the presence of large-sized particles which are characteristic of dense smokes.
  • By contrast, the sensor is less sensitive to small-sized particles which are typical of cleanly burning fires.
  • In particular, the smoke sensor is not capable of detecting the by-products of cleanly-burning fluids such as alcohols,for nstance,. 
    • This deficiency is compensated for by the built-in heat sensor. This sensor provides a slower reaction when compared to the smoke sensor, but is much better at reacting to fires with rapidlyrising heat producing only a little smoke.
  • Exposing fire conditions to the smoke and heat sensors requires some level of air circulation. It is therefore necessary to install the JA- 80S detectors in such a place on the ceiling that (in the case of fire) smoke masses are forced to go in the direction of the detector’s position (this can usually be achieved in most buildings).
  • The JA-80S is not suitable for installation in outdoor spaces or interiors with an extremely high ceiling where fire by-products would not reach


  • Voltage: Lithium battery type LS(T)14500 (3.6V AA)
  • Typical battery lifetime approx. 3 years
  • Communication band 868 MHz,
  • Smoke detection optical, light dispersion
  • Smoke sensor sensitivity m = 0.11 - 0.13 dB/m to EN 54-7
  • Temperature detection class A2 to EN 54-5
  • Fire-alarm temperature +60 °C to+ 70 °C
  • Acoustic power of the built-in siren 80 dB/m
  • A Operational temperature range -10°C to +80 °C
  • Dimensions diameter: 126 mm, height:65 mm
  • Complies with EN 54-7, EN 54-5, prEN 54-25, ETSI EN 300220, EN 50130-4, and EN 55022, EN 60950-1
  • Can be operated according to ERC REC 70-03