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Quick Start Guide
Curo Model


  • Credit Card Size - less than 6mm thick
  • Lightweight < 40g
  • Sealed Water Resistant Case
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Dual Band GSM
  • Works with all GSM networks
  • CE and FCC Certifed
2. Charging the Battery
Battery should be charged for 3 hours before use.

To charge:

  1. Carefully open the rubber boot on the right side of the phone.
  2. Make sure the battery isolation switch is in the ON position (Up position).
  3. Plug in the charger into the multi-use connector with the black side of the charger connector up.
  4. The handset screen will say "Charging".
  5. When charging is complete, the message "Charging Complete" will appear on the screen.
  6. Remove the charger and replace the rubber boot securely.
3. SIM Card Installation
To install a SIM CARD
  1. The Handset must be powered off.
  2. Remove the rubber boot on the left side of the handset.
  3. Remove the SIM carrier and place the SIM card in the carrier with contacts facing up.
  4. Replace the carrier making sure the contacts are up and it is it pushed all the way into the cavity.
  5. Replace the rubber boot securely.
4. Training the Phone

The handset must be trained to recognize the user's voice.

Training will allow the voice recognition features.

When powered on for the first time, the user will be prompted to train the phone. To indicate yes, push the left soft key to access the training mode.

Hold the Handset in front of your face, about 12 inches away and speak in your normal voice. Press the left soft key to start the training sequence and follow the voice prompts.

The handset can be trained at any time by accessing the Training mode through the Main menu.

Training should be done in a quiet environment.

Remember -The CURO Mobile Phone learns the users voice. If someone else wants to use the phone then it must be retrained to recognize the new voice.

5. Answering/Making a Call
To answer an incoming call, simply press the SEND key.

Outgoing calls can be made in 4 different ways:

  1. Voice Name Dial
  2. Voice Digit Dial
  3. Call Register
  4. Virtual Keypad

To Call by Voice, press the SEND key and say either Call or Phonebook. If you say Call, follow the prompts by speaking the digits of the phone number, one digit at a time, each separated by beep tones. After the last digit press OK.

If you say Phonebook, say the name you recorded in the Phonebook associated with the number you wish to dial. Confirm the name by pressing OK. To place a call to a number in the Call Register, highlight the number desired and press SEND. To place a call using the Virtual Keypad, see Section 9 of this guide.

6. Text Messages

The CURO Mobile Phone receives incoming TEXT messages just like other mobile phones. Replies or new messages can be sent using the READY TEXT feature. Numeric messages or replies can also be sent.

To read incoming text messages go to Messages from the Menu, then Message box, then Inbox, and highlight and scroll through the desired message.

To reply using READY TEXT, press OK, then Text Reply, then READY TEXT, scroll and select the desired reply by pressing OK, then select Send or Send and Save and press OK.

To Send a new message, go to Messages, then Compose, then READY TEXT, and follow the sequence above, then indicate how the number will be dialed.

7. Phonebook

The CURO Mobile Phone's onboard phonebook contains up to 50 numbers each with an associated Voice Tag that is used to access the number.

To create entries in the Phonebook, go to Phonebook from the Main Menu, then Create Entry. Entries can be saved from the Call Register or created new using Voice Dial or the Virtual Keypad.

After a number has been saved the handset will prompt the user to record a Voice Tag. This is a name that will identify the number and be used to dial that number.

Phonebook entries placed on the SIM card by another phone can also be read by the CURO Mobile Phone and dialed by using the Dial option of the SIM phonebook.

8. Call Register

The Call Register contains the 30 most recent sent, received or missed calls. The icon to the left of the number indicates the type of call.

Calls can be made by highlighting the desired number in the Call Register and pressing the SEND key.

Call Register numbers can also be saved to the Phonebook with a Voice Tag added.

Text messages can be sent to numbers in the Call Register. The Call Register is accessed by either (1) ignoring the voice prompt "Say Call" or "Phonebook" and it will appear, or (2) directly from the Menu key.

9. Virtual Keypad

The Virtual Keypad allows the user to enter a number for making a call, loading the Phonebook, or entering other numeric information. It is accessed by pressing OK from the Main screen.

After accessing the Virtual Keypad, use the scroll arrows to move the cursor to the desired number (up arrow moves left and down arrow moves right). To select the highlighted digit or symbol, press OK.

When the desired number is complete, press the SEND key to dial the call.

The Virtual Keypad can also be used for entering codes for services such as Voice Mail. See the User Manual for more details.

10. Change Settings

Accessing Settings from the Main Menu to tailor the LOGO Mobile Phone's Features.

You may easily:

  • Set voice recognition options
  • Adjust the display contrast
  • Set the backlight timer duration
  • Change the home screen wallpaper
  • Select ringtones, alert tones, and key tones
  • Set up voice mail access
  • Set auto answer and auto redial
  • Select the screen language
  • Enable other calling features

Refer to your User Manual for more details.