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Mirella is designed for senior citizens who want to live independently at home rather than in a nursing home or a similar setting. With Mirella, family members or medical personnel can monitor their daily routines. Mirella makes sure that everything at home is safe and secure. Mirella: because our golden years are the most precious time of our lives.

The next generation Mirella® remote healthcare technology developed by IsCom provides public and private home care organisations with an innovative, cost-effective and human-centred solution for improving the home care services of the elderly and those with reduced mobility
Wireless sensor technology
 Door surveillance
 No attached sensors which limit the living and performance of the resident
 Electrical equipment surveillance
 Bed surveillance
 Medicine dispenser
 Move detector
 Carbon dioxide (level of alertness)
 Room temperature
For a dignified and unique way to grow old. Mirella.

Mirella provides you with an opportunity to live at home instead of in a care home. Mirella is designed with love, for the customer and brings a new kind of freedom to elderly people.

How it works

Mirella® remote healthcare technology leads to diverse and comprehensive service packages.


The system includes a so-called ”Monitor section”. It is used for monitoring the well-being of the home care service customer on centralized basis and with no interruption around the clock.

Intelligent and proactive technology

Mirella® is an intelligent and proactive remote healthcare technology which monitors the the resident anticipating the potential risk situations. The deviations observed according to the follow-up rules cause a recommendation for action to minimize the possible damage.


  • Mirella® remote healthcare technology actively monitors the daily activities of the resident at home.
  • Mirella® remote healthcare technology allows early identification of potential risk situations and helps to minimize the possible damage.
  • The observed deviations determined by personal observation rules in the system cause recommendations for action.
  • The recommendations for action are classified according to their criticality and are controlled by pre-defined persons in charge.
  • Mirella® remote healthcare technology offers also for the relatives and loved ones a possibility to support the the welfare of the resident.
  • All the monitoring and control is done with a web browser.

Mirella Technology

The custom server technology used in IsCom’s Mirella remote control products is based on our own SiteMarshal solution. Mirella’s key technical features are:

  • wireless technology
  • usable through a web browser
  • low maintenance needed
  • a “transparent” data channel to the customer’s other systems (router solution) 
  • products work even in areas with only 2G coverage

The recommendations produced by the Mirella system can be sent to the customer or the home care personnel’s mobile phone. The Mirella solution is especially well suited for the home monitoring of older people and those suffering from long-term illness. The system’s cost-efficiency is apparent, especially in facilities that do not have access to a fixed broadband connection.