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 IProve® - Usage Areas

  • E-Payments (PayPal, Amazon, Alibaba, etc)
  • Banks (Verify Logn, Transaction)
  • Credit Card validation
  • Online Gaming accounts protection
  • Online Gaming age verification
  • Online Gambling accounts protection
  • Online Gambling age verification
  • Cloud apps (Google drive ,Dropbox, etc)
  • E-Learning and Examinations system
  • Protecting organizations sensitive data
  • Governmental projects
  • Endless other applications. 

Key Benefits

1. End User Convenience

Paramount to the success of any authentication initiative is that end users ultimately use the mechanisms in place—and don’t suffer lost productivity as a result. Toward that end, decision makers should look at IProve’s self-service activation so users don’t need to wait for help from a support representative. In addition, the setup process is intuitive, fast, and simple.

2. Broad Device Support

The cost savings of IProve, and the elimination of the need to buy, ship, and support hardware tokens, are undeniable. However, those savings can start eroding quickly if an IProve® - Mobile Assisted Authentication  solution necessitates the purchase of new mobile devices. IProve provides a solution that offers the broadest device support to ensure the devices that the organizations have today, and may acquire tomorrow, are supported.

3. SMS Network Support

In a given enterprise, users across an organization may rely on a host of networks, in various regions, during their daily work and travels. Therefore to be truly viable, IProve supports all SMS service provider networks.

4. Over-the-Air Deployment and Activation

To realize its full deployment potential, IProve doesn’t require that security teams have physical access to end user’s mobile devices. When required IProve uses remote, over- the-air mechanisms—not only for initial deployment and activation, but also for on going updates and changes.

5. Ease of Management

For the administrators of Mobile Assisted Authentication solutions, there are several factors for assessing the efficiency of IProve. Firstly, it offers seamless integration using the OAuth 2.0 protocol initiated over https. In the case of a lost or stolen device, administrators
 can quickly and easily revoke access? Also, IProve offers immediate automatic administrator notifications for issues caused by a lost device, a compromised internal server, or any other potentially threatening event so that the required remediation steps can be undertaken promptly.

6. Heterogeneous Authentication Management

One type of authentication will not typically address the security and business needs of an entire enterprise. Mobile Assisted Authentication may be one of many authentication solutions in place at a given time. To avoid introducing additional complexity in terms of enforcing policies, managing changes in user and group status, and in a host of other areas IProve does not require its own separate management system.

7. Robust Security

In the end, any authentication mechanism needs to deliver robust security. IProve offers powerful identity protection for all types of remote access systems, including VPNs, Terminal Servers, Citrix applications, and Outlook Web Access. IProve supports the broadest possible adoption with existing policy management and security mechanisms enabling a more uniform policy enforcement and minimizes security gaps.

8. Authentication Strength

Not all authentication mechanisms are created equal because the market requires a range of solutions from low to high sophistication. IProve therefore provides an adjustable level of protection warranted by the assets involved.

9. Broad Delivery and Business Model Support

Mobile Assited Authentication can present a wealth of new opportunities to leverage strong authentication in entirely new ways, which can present both transformational security and business benefits. Mobile phone authentication is the fastest growing area of OTP. To realize these potential benefits, both immediately and in the long term, businesses should adopt IProve’s solution as part of their comprehensive security framework.

10. Low Total Cost of Ownership

Inherently, IProve® - Mobile Assisted Authentication solutions can present significant cost advantages, particularly when compared to the distribution and maintenance of hardware tokens. Beyond these benefits, organizations can profit from on going cost savings by leveraging those solutions that do the best job of streamlining up front deployment and on going maintenance. To do so, security teams need the broadest integration flexibility, end user self-service capabilities, and easy administration.