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Curo Environmental

The Manufacturer of CURO phone is committed to being sensitive to the impact its products have on the environment. Our process starts with product design planning . We believe we have one of the most environmentally friendly mobile phone products in the market today.

Plastic: Our Mobile Phones use over 60% less plastic in their case based on a size and weight comparison with the typical low cost handsets of the major manufacturers.

Battery: We utilize phone uses a lithium-ion polymer battery which is integrated into the construction of the handset and sealed by the handset case itself eliminating the separate hard plastic battery case. As a result, if it the handset was to be improperly discarded, it will disintegrate at a far faster rate. Additionally due to the battery’s lower mAh rating the amount of lithium-ion compound is about half what is typically found in the batteries of comparable devices.

Paint & Coatings: All paints, coatings, solders and other protective elements are lead free.

Packaging: The box containing your handset from Real Phone has been carefully selected based on the use of environmentally friendly materials. For example, we do not used white bleached boxes as the bleach used in their manufacture is considered hazardous. Our boxes have been customed designed to be as small as possible to minimize paper waste. The box and the documents inside are made from post- consumer recycled material. By reducing package size and weight, we also help reduce emissions from transportation.

Disposability: The CURO is not disposable mobile phone. As a matter of fact, it  can be used as long as any mobile device can typically be used. The embedded battery can be recharged hundreds of times and based on average use has an estimated life of five years. When it is time to discard your device please dispose of it properly. Do not dispose of the device in the trash, as with all mobile phones, it may be in violation of local laws.