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Curo Phone Quick Guide Videos
The CURO PHONE is the world's thinnest and lightest mobile phone. This video shows the phone and describes it's features.
2 - 3.Instructions
Charging the embedded lithium-ion battery in the LOGO Phone and installing the SIM Card
4. Training the Phone
This video explains and demonstrates how to train the CURO Phone to recognize the users voice when making voice activated calls. It is one of the most important features of the CURO Phone and should be reviewed carefully to get the best performance from your phone.
5. Answering and Making Calls
This video demonstrates the operation of the CURO  Phone.
6. Text Messages
This video explains how the CURO Phone can receive and send text messages.
7. Using the Phonebook
This video demonstrates how to use the LOGO Phone's voice activated phonebook. It allows you to enter up to 50 numbers and tag each one with a name. the numbers can then be recalled by speaking the name.
8. Using Call Register
This video explains the use of the CURO Phone's Call Register where the most recent 30 calls, either incoming, outgoing or missed are stored.
9. Using Virtual Keybad
This video describes how to use the Virtual Keypad on the CURO Phone. The Virtual Keypad is used to make calls in a noisy environment if the number you want to dial is not stored in the phone. It can also be used to enter numbers in the Phonebook and to enter numbers while a call is in progress.
10. Changing Settings
This video explains how the Settings menu can be used to tailor the features and operation of the CUROPhone for your personal taste.