HoIP Telecom

UK's best National Roaming Network Coverage

For M2M and M2P- All-Net and Multi-Net SIM cards

Application - Device providers have now the opportunity to resell the connectivity with their services - devices to cover their clients’ needs and provide a complete solution.

HoIP Telecom offers a white labeled connectivity solution:

Access to wholesale prices and possibility to resell to end users

Marketing advice and support your service creation

Technical support

Complete set of features available:
SIM card customisation
  Voice, SMS, data, roaming service
Wholesale billing
  CDR (Call  Details Records)
Provisioning Web front end
  High Usage notification
Dedicated APN
  Fixed IP
Traffic monitoring
  Traffic filtering
Become a application - device provider level Sub-Virtual Operator to increase your revenues and provide your clients with a unique package of connectivity.
M2M and M2P services In Action
HoIP Telecom Business areas

HoIP Telecom will help you face the following challenges

Billing complexity

Provisioning flexibility needs

Bundles and offer building

Offer differentiation stake

Interruption of services

Benefit from all HoIP Telecom features

Voice, SMS, data, roaming services

Dedicated prepaid or postpaid mode

International and multi-network SIM cards

Wholesale billing – Detailed by destination

CDR (Call Details Records) flow

Batch provisioning

Fixed IP, Traffic monitoring and filtering

Dedicated service profiles

Messaging gateways (SMS,USSD)

SIM card customization

High Usage notification

Innovative services with R&D track record

Expand your connectivity offer with HoIP Telecom

Increase your revenues with a differentiated M2M connectivity offer
Provide M2M or M2P connectivity in UK, in Europe and around the globe
 Cover their needs in term of reliability and coverage with SIMs in permanent roaming
 Set-up a wide range of tariff plans to address the needs of your clients
 Simplify your client management with a unique process
Provide value-added services with M2M applications
Horizonal M2M application platform developed with our partners to ease the development of your service
 End-to-end white-labelled M2M solution
 Benefit form HoIP Telecom and its partners experience in M2M markets

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If you want to partner with HoIP Telecom then try us out by ordering a test kit or contact us for more information here. The HoIP Telecom Freedom Test Kit includes a SIM card with a SIM profile of your choice.It enables you to develop and test your solutions under complete authentic circumstances in a real world environment.

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